Quick, clear and the most efficient CE- and MED certification service you will find with ECB. ECB knows these CE and MED regulations by hart. ECB has been involved in this legislation for the EU from the beginning. That is why ECB knows the smartest and simples route through these regulations. ECB offers the smartest advice about CE. This is why in the long term ECB is more economical than others. We like to make it simple and transparent for you. All technical information, all documentation, all certificates are delivered by ECB. You don’t have to do anything yourself, ECB can take care of everything. Together we work on safety. CE is obligatory, but your products also sell better with CE and good documentation. And you cover your product liability with the ECB documents. With ECB works out the standards and its applicability for you. You do not need to concentrate on the RCD standards, ECB will take care of all that for you.

You can use the ECB service for all RCD and MED certification. Is it currently made too complicated for you? Do you receive the smartest and most efficient approach? Ask ECB. Engagement, reliability, speed and good advice is what ECB stands for. 30 (!) years of knowledge and experience and in the marine industry, CE and MED legislation and technical matters at your service. Use that to your advantage!


ECB RCD and MED certificates check

Need to know if an ECB certificate is genuine or still valid? 


Fake ECB certificates are seen in the market. So a check can be beneficial to you. 

Send a mail to info@ecb.nl  


Attach a screenshot of the certificate, and/or send the name and type of product. 

ECB will check her database and give you the needed information about the ECB certificate. 

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