MCA Charter Yachts

The British MCA certificate is required for commercial vessels. It has grown to be the international safety standard for chartered yachts. These vessels are not passenger ships, but yachts sailing with paying guests. The safety of these guests must be guaranteed by the the owner or operator. With the MCA certificate you can prove the safety status of the vessel. This works also towards insurance company’s. The MCA code has developed as safetystandard for all vessels at sea, and especially grown into the international safety standard for large pleasure craft. A vessel that is built under MCA code inspection receives added value that proves its worth during later sale of the vessel. For the owner of the vessel the MCA inspections and certificates provides quality control during the built of the yacht.

Surveyors of ECB are appointed MCA surveyors through MECAL for workboats and yachts up to 24 meters (80 feet). The ECB MCA inspection consider the complete project, form drawings to build and delivery. Tonnage and load line inspections are also performed by ECB. By a smart combination of ECB MCA and ECB RCD inspections and certifications, you will get considerable financial advantages and you will add to the status of your yacht. The trustworthy and professional ECB RCD and MCA inspection reports and certificates prove the technical quality of your yacht.


ECB provides an efficient and simple route to your MCA certificate. MCA is a must have for charter yachts. It’s a requirement to strengthen your liability situation. Please contact ECB to discuss your personal situation and possibilities.     

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