CE new yachts

CE certification of new boats and accessories is compulsory for most products between 2,5 and 24 meters. ECB is appointed since 1997 appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment as Notified Body (notified body number 0614) with the European Union for assessments and certification to the European directives RCD and MED (Marine Equipment Directive). ECB is accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation for inspection and certification activities for RCD and MED directives. ECB works with a good number of ECB suveyors throughout the world. Due to the local service we work efficient and economical.  

ECB’s objective is to perform efficient, clear, fast, reliable, economical and highly professional. “faster! Simpler! More transparent! “ are outcries that are often heard in the ECB offices. Reports, certificates and documents are safely stored on the ECB controlled servers in order to keep them available for you.


We discuss with you the way you want to operate. You could choose to keep some activities in you own hands or ECB can take the complete hassle out of your hands. ECB will support you in the correct Technical Files during the inspections. ECB takes over the complete work for you. This is a unique (!) and highly efficient method.

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