International trade support

As entrepreneur you want your company to bring innovative product on the market. You are manufacturer or distributor. Wat are the legal factors you have to consider? What is legally allowed and what isn’t? The legal requirements give your company responsibilities, like providing product information, owners manuals and warnings on the packaging or on the product.

Which EU Directives are applicable for my product? Does my product need to be certified by a third party or not? What happens if I modify the product that is already on the market with CE documents and certificates? When do I need a new certification? Are the requirements the same in all EU countries? Some legal puzzles for your company. And above all: how can I apply all this in the most lean and efficient way?

ECB has the expertise to set up the most convenient and efficient method. Legal advice with the legislation as basis. The legal position of your company depends on the documented proof you can provide. And this must be acceptable and admissible in a possible court case. ECB takes full care of safe documentation and reliable proof of your activities. Create a bulletproof legal position. ECB helps to prevent financial damage, claims and court cases.

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