CE used yachts

The PCA Certificate is the compulsory CE certificate for used yachts in the following situations:
- The boat is imported from outside the EU without CE,
- Every change of the boat, as a result of which the boat might no longer be compliant with the CE requirements,
- Change of the intended use of the boat as a result of which the boat falls under CE requirements,
- The boat, build for own use, is sold within 5 years after start of use of the boat.

Without this PCA Certificate the yacht or boat will be denied entry by customs. ECB is appointed since 1997 by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment as Notified Body (notified body number 0614) to perform these PCA assessments and certifications. ECB has suveyors throughout the world. Due to the local service we work efficient and economical.


Would you choose to go offshore or abroad with your imported yacht, you will often need the necessary CE documents like the owners manual, Declararion of Conformity, and Certificate. Therefore its recommended to have these papers accompany the boat at all times. When selling the boat, the new owner will often ask for these documents. 


You might not have the necessary CE documents with your boat. This might happen when you sell your selfbuild boat within 5 years after completion, or when you import the boat from outside the EU. ECB will provide all necessary documents, (new) CIN numbers and (new) owners plate. ECB will perform the Post Construction Assessment (PCA) for you. ECB provides widely accepted and trustworthy inspections and trusted documents.

Contact ECB to discuss the possibilities. 

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