Need a MED/SOLAS certificate?
    ECB can help you!

  •  Data Security Advisor

    Data Security Advisor

    ECB analyses, built and implement the necessary procedures and repsonsibilities.

  • Company minded

    Company minded

    Always have the goals of the company in mind.
    ECB advises in how to work safe and sound.

  • NEN 2082

    NEN 2082

    ECB analyses Data Management Applications for both governements and NGO's

  • CE for yachts

    CE for yachts

    ECB Nederland BV is a Notified Body.
    We can help you with your CE certification!

  • Import used boats into EU ?

    Import used boats into EU ?

    ECB will take care of the inspections and CE certificates.
    Fast and simple!

  • Need MED Certificate?

    Need MED Certificate?

    Your Rescue Tender Certified?
    ECB can help you!

  • Open barriers

    Open barriers

    Need legal market access support?
    ECB knows the law!

  • How is you data protected?

    How is you data protected?

    ECB helps you with structuring your IT policies and security.

  • International Trade

    International Trade

    Need advice about legal obligations.
    ECB will help you!

ECB Nederland B.V.

ECB is a legal support company. It operates since 20 years her own certification bureau, ECB Certification. Since 1996, ECB provices knowledge and support on (European) legislation in various industries. CE legislation and Datasafety legislation are the focus.  

ECB legal experts and engineers audit your datasafety systems and techniscal data. Based on legal requirements. ECB proves your quality with ECB Certificates. Datasafety is the challenge of the Future. 


Modern legislation requires recording of data. Filing is essential. As a result, we we have a natural link to digital information management and datasafety.