ECB Legal

ECB Legal provides legal support to your organisation. Tuning your activities to the applicable legislation is what ECB does. This might influence your organisation. ECB can help you in those cases. This is part of our conformity and compliance activities. Thorough knowledge of market-entrance rules in Europe makes ECB a good partner. CE legislation is part of that knowledge. This applicable and compulsory for more than 30 productgroups in Europe. The legislation has consequences for your product registration, technical files, documentation of your sales, information to your customers, and quality assurance issues. These are all subjects in which ECB can fully support you. And if a court case is imminent, ECB can be at your side. How to react? What kind of lawyer do you need? ECB supports by being your counterpart in strategic planning and performing negotiations. ECB finds the right attorney and feeds him with the correct arguments. ECB support the complete process.