Quality Policy

To ensure that all stakeholders and other interested parties have justified confidence in the certification and compliance services provided and maintained by ECB. To this end ECB maintains a transparent structure that is focused on implementing certification and compliance services in all relevant sectors, both private and public for RCD and MED Directives, as well as other areas that ECB chooses to operate in. ECB acknowledges and pursues following stakeholders: 
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Import and trading companies
  • Design offices
  • Consumers and yacht owners
  • Charter companies
  • Merchant ship owners and their crews
  • Software houses
  • Public services and other users of digital document management systems
  • Consultancy firms involved in (implementation of) digital document management system.
To pursue a high quality inspection and certification process, and assist and support clients in their compliance and certification needs.
  • To maintain the highest level of impartiality and independence as a certification institute.
  • Participation in national and international harmonisation and normalisation organisations where advantageous.
  • To work with highly qualified personnel to maintain a high quality competence and value adding service to our clients.
  • To support trade and industry by providing information, compliance and certification services to eligible persons, companies and organisations regarding European product legislation.
  • To contribute to the legal compliance and reputation of the serviced industries.

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