ECB Maritime

ECB Maritime is the most experienced CE certification provider, with thorough technical and legal knowledge that leads to the smartest solution for your CE. ECB is Notified Body since 1997 for the RCD (Recreational Craft directive) and the MED (Marine Equipment Directive). ECB has besides RCD and MED inspectors also inspectors that are MCA appointed for Charterships and NMMA appointed for the USA requirements.

ECB has been involved in the development of this legislation from the very beginning in entire Europe. No wonder we know the smartest solutions for your CE approach. With her technical and legal knowledge ECB has supported the industry that wishes to bring her products on the European Market.

ECB has her own Certification Department. We take charge of the necessary inspections, your tests, CE- certificates. ECB can inform you about the Technical File and intern internal quality systems. Documentation of your process is important in all regulatory requirements. Our service is to find the best approach in your situation. The Service of Simplicity.