Government organisations have legal obligations derived from the “Archiefwet”. This legislation requires (digital) business information to be stored in a system that complies with the NEN 2082 standard. This is the official Dutch standard for Information Management software products. This standard is applicable as “best practice” for every software that stores and manages digital data. The NEN 2082 standard is developed based on the Dutch, European and American requirements. Some of these are MoReq, ReMANO, DoD 5015, Kernmodel Interlab. The standard is in conformity with the international standard NEN ISO 15489-1, Information and Archive Management. The NEN 2082 standard consists of 155 functional requirements. Parts of this standard are considered obligatory based on good information management. ECB researches the functional requirements in the Data Management Applications that it grands a ECB NEN 2082 Certificate. The ECB NEN 2082 Certificate is granted if all functionalities in the program are correctly configurable in the product. The ECB NEN 2082 certificate proves that the product is able to perform professional and safe information management according to the requirements of the NEN 2082 standard in compliance with the legal obligations.

The standard 360º configuration complies with the NEN 2082 standard. ECB has certified 360º, which runs on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016. By choosing an ECB certified product the user knows that the product fulfils the requirements of the applicable standards. This ECB quality assurance indicates the possibility to safely store, classify and delete data in the required manner.

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