27 November 2015

Zeelander Z55

The parties Zeelander Yachts, Sea Level yacht design & engineering, NEDCAM and Adel Polyester were teamed up to realise the Z55, designed by Cor de Rover design. ECB Nederland BV was asked to provide the certification. Since Zeelander Yachts sets the highest standards with a guaranteed constant top quality, the process behind the creation of the new ZEELANDER Z55 demanded a superyacht quality approach.

Starting point: Z44- hull and its proven technology. From there Sea Level started optimisation for the Z55. On one hand the creation of a hull with best performance in speed and trim for the entire velocity range, maintaining the typical Zeelander-perfect-ride characteristics. On the other hand a hull designed for most efficient production with fully integrated enhancements, checked with CFD.

Sea Level modelled all composite items in 3D-software, over 120 parts were created including all production details set to the production schedule of Adel Polyester. In order to match with the interior, created by another party an intense collaboration was needed. NEDCAM produced the plugs, all CNC tooled. These shapes were taken by Adel Polyester to create the high quality moulds. This superyacht quality approach of preparing for series-production is the only way to meet the highest standards with a guaranteed constant top quality!

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