Next update recreational craft directive

4 March 2014

Update Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) will be effective from 17-1-2016

The new RCD (2013/53/EU) has gotten its final form. This text will be adopted in the legislations of the member states in the coming years. In Holland this is the “Wet Pleziervaartuigen”. From 17-1-2016 the old RCD will be withdrawn. From that date onwards every pleasure craft placed on the market will have to comply with the new requirements. There is a transitional period of one year. The new RCD is offcourse basically conform the old text.

The most important changes are:
- Refits must comply with the CE requirements and are certified using the PCA module.
- Emission values are more stringent.
- The Declaration of Conformity will be extended.
- The buildersplate will have to state the address of the manufacturer.
- Toilets must be connected to a black water holding tank.
- The ownersmanual must state information about maintenance and safety of the vessel.
- Reboarding must be possible at all times without external help.
- The manufacturer must have procedures in place in order to continuously comply with the legal requirements.

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