For a certain group of products under the RCD you may attach the CE mark to your products and declare the product to be in conformity with the RCD without a third party assessment and certificate, often referred to as self-certification. This means you will need to provide and maintain your own technical documentation (TD) and declare on your responsibility the conformity of the product in the so-called Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and attach the CE mark to the product.

The RCD prescribes that it is your responsibility as producer to compile and maintain the TD incl. owners manual, to be able to show compliance with the RCD at all times. We can imagine you may not have all the expertise or time to do it yourself. In that case ECB would be happy to provide you information in this matter. Since we know exactly what is required, we can help you to avoid to do too much. And avoid blind spots in meeting the legal requirements. This safes you time and money, as well as legal problems. If you want to know if you may certify your product by yourself please feel free to contact us.

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