CE support

To ascertain the safety of your product it is in several cases compulsory to have your product tested. In many cases an applicable standard can be used. In the massive maze of standards its sometimes a real legal & technical puzzle to find the correct standards. ECB is an expert in selecting the correct and applicable standards combined with your products.

ECB prepares and performs the complete process. Determining the correct standards, selecting the most economical laboratory and certification company. We negotiate the deals for you. By virtue of our network we can deliver added value. ECB will inform you about Technical Files, owner’s manuals and declarations of compliance. 


ECB offers legal support, technical expertise and management support. Rules, market regulations, privacy legislation, safety regulations, import rules, distribution rules, distribution contracts, authorisations, registrations, labels, signs, reports and certificates. You can trust ECB to find the most simple, efficient and economical approach for your company.

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