NEN 2082 is the official standard for information management products. This standard is applicable as "best practice" for EVERY product that stores digital information. For the producer of these products ECB provides NEN 2082 certificates. 

The ECB NEN 2082 certificate is allowed after the investigations and tests have proven that all requirements can be met. This is clearly stated in the ECB NEN 2082 report. 



  • Verseon, versie 2.0 & E-suite, Circle Software,
  • Corsa versie 7.2, BCT Guiding Documents,
  • InProces 2.3, Brein BV,
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, Microsoft Nederland,
  • DocBase Online & RM module versie 6.0, Acanthis Document Solutions,
  • SharePoint 360° versie 4.1, Wortell BV,
  • OCE Dossierflow Versie 9, OCE Nederland,
  • Centric Zaaksysteem Versie 2.7.0, Centric IT Solutions
  • eConnect dms & rma portaal Versie, ETTU BV,
  • ShareWorX versie 4.3, Square DMS,
  • Atos e-Suite release 3, 
    Atos Nederland BV,
  • IZIS zaaksysteem versie 2.9, Roxit BV,
  • Therefore versie april2013, Canon BV,

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