ECB will consult, design, register and implement your information policy. This information company policy will help you to work safe and efficient with information. ECB will take care of: Datasafety, digital files, lawfull files, safe data exchange, efficient cooperation. 

Data security and Digital Information Management is the key to succesfull and efficient organisation. Digital information is a large legal factor.  Thats why ECB helps you with information policies and information management.  

ECB deals with your internal procedures and responsibilities on the management of your information. This structure is based on the international standards NEN 2082, ISO 15489 en ISO 27001 and other applicable standards and legislation. 



Your files will be litigation-proof. Legally sound and complete. Thats the legal work ECB offers you. ECB develops your datasafety and dataquality procedures and will help you  in the years ahead to keep it safe and efficient. Call on ECB to discuss.